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COP 24 Week 2 in Katowice Kicks Off

Do I miss being at the annual UN Climate Talks? A little, yes. I especially miss the camaraderie of folks from every corner of the globe coming together to solve the challenge of climate change. Am I glad to be in (currently) sunny Northern California, rather than cold and coal-smoggy Katowice, Poland? Yes I am.

Katowice, Poland

And of course there is the Trump Administration's jaw-dropping promotion of fossil fuels as a way to combat climate change, but that should not overshadow the good work being done by U.S. NGO's, states and businesses in Katowice.

As the second and final week of negotiations gets rolling, delegates will be honing in on a range of issues, including:

  • Transparency;

  • Cooperative approaches (such as the market mechanism);

  • Finance;

  • Global stocktake;

  • Response measures;

  • Compliance;

  • Mitigation / nationally determined contributions (NDCs);

  • Adaptation; and

  • Technology

For the most comprehensive, day-to-day coverage of COP 24, I urge you to check out IISD's Reporting Services.

Since it's COP season, it's also a good time to think about the types of international climate jobs that are out there. In addition to its core Reporting Services, IISD also houses one of the better job boards for international climate work. You'll find jobs across the range of UN agencies, as well as lot of international NGO's and consultancies. There is also a smattering of climate related academic fellowships. It's not a huge list, but for those particularly interested in working on climate issues in the international context, IISD's "Climate Job Vacancies" is worth bookmarking.

Climate Change is a Human Rights Issue

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