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What It's Like: Repurpose, Inc.

In What it's Like we ask people working in a variety of roles across the range of sustainability sectors to tell us about their organization, their work and their career path. In this edition of What it's Like, we hear from Lucy LaViolette, Project Coordinator at Repurpose, Inc., a retailer of compostable, disposable products for daily use.

compostable products

What is Repurpose, Inc.'s mission and core strategy?


We are a group of passionate eco-entrepreneurs driven to positively impact the environment by changing everyday behavior. Our products are made from plants, not oil, and are 100% compostable. We strive to reduce plastic waste by keeping our prices as low as possible.

Tell us about your role.

I am the Project Coordinator for Repurpose, Inc., a small retailer of compostable, disposable products for daily use. Our products range from plates and bowls to straws – all made from 100% plants. My day to day role involves processing all accounts payable and receivable, as well as interacting with customers. Long-term, I generate sales reports, conduct audits and balance our company financials.

LA Cleantech Incubator

How did you get the job- what has been your career path?

I was a Political Economy major at UC Berkeley with a focus in Climate and Energy Policy. I have worked in operations and policy analyst positions and have focused on staying in the cleantech industry. I found out about Repurpose through a job posting on the