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And now for something completely different...the most creative cover letter ever

At JWI, we are doing our best to help you navigate to a career in sustainability. As part of our growing library of resources and tools, we have some tried and true advice to writing targeted and effective cover letters in our guide, "7 Steps to Landing a Job with Impact." That advice still stands and you should follow it.

But this video cover letter by Chase Zreet is flipping awesome. Granted, Chase was using to land a job with an ad agency, so it's not your typical green job cover letter. But it worked for Chase; he landed a job with his target, Wieden + Kennedy. Nice job, dude!

By the way, if this level of creative lemon and lime juice isn't flowing for you, let Jobs with Impact help you tell your unique story with our, um, more traditional cover letter editing services. You won't end up with a Texas white guy rap video, but you will end up with a damn good cover letter.


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