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Step 1: Create Your Personal Mission/Vision Statement

Step 1 is an excerpt from the Jobs With Impact guide, "7 Steps to Landing a Job with Impact". Click here to download the full guide for free, including our guide to successful job interviews and a list of top interview questions.

Step 1:

Start with the “why.” Why are you seeking a career that will make a positive difference in the world? Going down the path toward landing a job with impact is a huge step, and it’s important to be clear about why you’re doing it.

Traditionally, companies create two succinct statements, one for the company’s vision and one for their mission. A vision statement articulates the ideal toward which you are striving. How do you see the future world if you (and others like you) are successful in achieving your mission?

A mission statement defines what you will do to achieve your vision. It can include the purpose (using your list of “whys”), the “who” (the object or market) of your mission, and a succinct description of “how” you will do it.

what's your mission? (prayer flags at sunrise)

More and more, we are seeing mission and vision statements that are fused into one. The choice as to whether you create one statement or two is yours.

Start with a simple list of what inspires and motivates you. Then, make a list that identifies your . Use these lists as fodder for your mission/vision. Keep in mind that your mission/vision need not be perfect, and it should evolve over time. It is meant to help you articulate what is important and unique about you. Your mission/vision will help drive your job search strategy, and it can be a major differentiator in a job interview.

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Examples of corporate mission/vision statements

Tesla Mission Statement
  • An old favorite of mine is Google’s original mission statement: “To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.” This includes elements of mission and vision. The vision is implicit—the ideal future is a world where information is organized and accessible to all. The mission, or what they do is also clear—they organize and make accessible the world’s information.